Cook and Zenor Successfully Restore Bauder Pharmacy to its Former Glory as a Full Service Pharmacy on Ingersoll

Posted on: June 25th, 2015

Mark Graziano, a former proprietor at Bauder, was sentenced last fall to two years in jail for that Hydrocodone diversion.  After noticing the diversion, the Board revoked Bauder’s controlled substance (CS) license.

Guy Cook and Adam Zenor presented Bauder’s case yesterday before the Iowa Board of Pharmacy (IBOP) and argued the time to restore Bauder’s CS license is now.  Cook and Zenor noted that further imposition of the CS revocation does not serve the public interest and only serves to victimize Kim Roberston – the undisputed victim in this case.  Indeed, Cook and Zenor were able to show Bauder was fully compliant with Board orders and action.  After carefully considering the evidence and arguments, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy agreed with Cook and Zenor and awarded Bauder a Controlled Substance license without restriction.

When asked why this decision was important, Cook stated, “This IBOP determination is exceptionally important because it not only allows Bauder to service its long-time customers with a full range of prescriptions, but it also allows Bauder to restore its third party contracts and restore various provider agreements, which again goes to benefit its customers.”

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