Defense Verdict for Zenor

Posted on: August 5th, 2016

Plaintiff Natasha Shelton sued the Iron Saddle Saloon, an establishment in Dayton, Iowa, alleging it was liable for her injuries (commuted skull fracture and closed head injuries, among other things) from an assault on its premises.  Plaintiff alleged Iron Saddle violated its two safety rules when an altercation occurs on its premises when it (1) failed to keep Plaintiff and the alleged assailant separated and (2) failed to call the police upon notice of the altercation and prior to Plaintiff’s injuries.   Iron Saddle – represented by Adam Zenor  – denied the allegations, claimed Plaintiff’s injuries were the result of her own choices and conduct, and took the matter to trial.

Trial commenced on Tuesday, August 2 in Webster County, Iowa.  Plaintiff claimed her injuries included headaches, difficulties with memory, depression/anxiety, personality changes, and decreased ability to perform physical activities.  Plaintiff called 14 witnesses in support of her claims, including a neurologist and a physical therapist, each of whom testified Plaintiff’s injuries were permanent.   In closing argument, Plaintiff asked the jury to award approximately $500,000.

The Webster County jury rejected Plaintiff’s claims and found Iron Saddle was not at fault for Plaintiff’s injuries.

Natasha Shelton v. Iron Saddle Saloon, LLC – Case No.  LACV317857 Judgment Entry

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