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Grefe & Sidney Holiday Party!

January 5, 2024

The firm held its annual holiday party on December 9th in the Des Moines East Village. It was a night filled with good food, company, laughter, and memories. We would like to thank everyone who made 2023 such a great year, which included the welcoming of three new associates, Emma, Dariann, and Zach. We are […]

Iowa Supreme Court Clarifies Requirements for Expert Witnesses in Medical Malpractice Cases

In 2017, the Iowa legislature amended several provisions of the Iowa Code related to medical malpractice, including §147.139, which now requires expert witnesses in a medical malpractice case to meet more stringent qualifications to be able to testify. One of those requirements is that the proposed expert “is licensed to practice” medicine. Since amendment, the […]

Aaron Lindebak Wins Summary Judgment in RV Breach of Warranty Case

Aaron Lindebak recently won a summary judgment motion in a breach of warranty case, resulting in complete dismissal of the lawsuit against his client. In the case, Aaron’s client supplied the chassis to an RV manufacturer, which then built the “house” on top of it. Aaron’s client provided a warranty on the chassis, while the […]