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Iowa Supreme Court holds that Retention of Expert Witness to Provide Services to Iowa Attorney is Sufficient to Establish Personal Jurisdiction

March 7, 2024

An Iowa attorney retained an orthopedic surgeon from Indiana to serve as an expert witness in a potential medical malpractice claim and paid an advance of $10,000.00. The parties had no written contract and upon reviewing the records, the surgeon opined that the standard of care was not breached in the underlying case and that […]

Iowa Supreme Court holds evidence insufficient to show negligence in cow-on-the-highway case

February 8, 2024

In the early morning hours of January 26, 2019, an errant cow escaped confinement and made its way onto I-80 in rural Cass County. Driver Simranjit Singh struck the wayward bovine with his semi-truck, causing injuries to Singh’s person and damage to his vehicle. The cow died. Singh subsequently filed a lawsuit against the departed […]

Peter Ickes obtains suppression of alcohol breath test results

Peter Ickes was able to successfully obtain suppression of breath test results for blood-alcohol content in an OWI – first offense, leading to a far better outcome for his client. In this matter, his client was charged with operating while intoxicated. The client’s breath test result for blood alcohol content came back above the 0.15 […]

Mark Thomas and Stella Maris Strohman win motion for summary judgment in slip and fall case

Mark Thomas and Stella Maris Strohman recently won a motion for summary judgment in defense of a convenience store in a slip and fall case in Monona County. The case arose after the plaintiff allegedly slipped and fell on ice outside the convenience store on February 21, 2021. The plaintiff filed his petition on February […]

Iowa Supreme Court Clarifies Requirements for Expert Witnesses in Medical Malpractice Cases

January 5, 2024

In 2017, the Iowa legislature amended several provisions of the Iowa Code related to medical malpractice, including §147.139, which now requires expert witnesses in a medical malpractice case to meet more stringent qualifications to be able to testify. One of those requirements is that the proposed expert “is licensed to practice” medicine. Since amendment, the […]

Aaron Lindebak Wins Summary Judgment in RV Breach of Warranty Case

Aaron Lindebak recently won a summary judgment motion in a breach of warranty case, resulting in complete dismissal of the lawsuit against his client. In the case, Aaron’s client supplied the chassis to an RV manufacturer, which then built the “house” on top of it. Aaron’s client provided a warranty on the chassis, while the […]

Emma Bradbury Obtains Dismissal of Insurance Contract Claim

December 5, 2023

Emma Bradbury recently won a motion for summary judgment, resulting in complete dismissal of the case against a client. The petitioners brought a case in equity requesting the court declare that they were assignees of an insurance contract and issue an injunction preventing the insurance company from enforcing a contractual two-year limitation period for bringing […]

Ben Erickson Wins Defense Verdict in Arbitration Proceeding

On November 8, 2023, Ben Erickson secured a defense verdict in an arbitration hearing in front of the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission. The case arose out of a debilitating condition suffered by one of Erickson’s client’s former employees. Specifically, the claimant alleged to have sustained a significant cumulative injury to his neck and back during […]

Mark Thomas & Stella Maris Strohman Obtain Complete Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Homeowners Association

October 3, 2023

Grefe & Sidney Attorneys Mark Thomas and Stella Maris Strohman recently argued and won a motion for summary judgment, resulting in complete dismissal of the case against their client. In this case, the plaintiff was a member of the defendant homeowner association, and alleged that the association permitted modifications to a berm that directed water […]

Grefe & Sidney Mounts Successful Defense in Car Accident Lawsuit

Andy Hall and Peter Ickes won a very favorable verdict from a Polk County jury in a lawsuit arising from a car accident. In the accident, our client rear-ended the plaintiff. The plaintiff alleged serious injuries to her neck, claiming she was in constant pain and that the accident had essentially ruined her life. However, […]