Jaclyn M. Zimmerman


Legal Assistant

Practice Areas


  • College: University of California, Davis
  • Law School: Western State University College of Law


  • States: Iowa and California

Grefe & Sidney is pleased to announce that Laura Martino has become a member with the firm. Tansha Clarke, Sean Corpstein, Michael Currie, Benjamin Erickson, Jaclyn Zimmerman and Colin Grace have joined Grefe & Sidney as associates in our Des Moines office. Laura N. Martino Laura Martino is a trial attorney in the firm’s litigation […]

Jaclyn Zimmerman

Jaclyn Zimmerman is an attorney and mediator with the firm’s family law division.  Jaclyn has focused her legal practice on family law and appellate work since 2009.  Her years of experience include work on complex and high conflict cases. Jaclyn works as a certified mediator and collaborative attorney, and as a litigator advocating client interests in the courtroom. She is also a parenting coordinator.

The goal of many individuals who need a family law attorney, is to avoid the courtroom, and find solutions privately and with dignity. A collaborative, or settlement-minded approach, can often be the best approach. In cases where this is not possible, however, Jaclyn embraces her role as litigator, and strategically employs facts and Iowa law to zealously and effectively advocate for her client in the courtroom.  Jaclyn has successfully litigated dozens of cases. Jaclyn’s practice is always tailored to address the unique needs of each particular client.

Jaclyn’s practice is approachable; it is one that recognizes the need for connection and empathy, in addition to keen, informed, and strategic legal representation. Jaclyn successfully advocates client interests at the district court level, and on appeal. In 2016, Jaclyn’s advocacy obtained a favorable outcome for her client before the Iowa Supreme Court.

Notable Appellate Cases:

In re Marriage of Harris, 877 N.W.2d 434 (Iowa 2016);

In re Marriage of Baenziger, 2016 WL 6270344 (Iowa App. 2016);

In re M.L.V., 886 N.W.2d 108 (Iowa App. 2016);

Spitz v. Iowa Dist. Court for Mitchell County, 881 N.W.2d 456 (Iowa 2016);

In re Marriage of Koenig, 882 N.W.2d 874 (Iowa App. 2016); and

Ryan v. Wright, 872 N.W.2d 410 (Iowa App. 2015).


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