Practice Areas: Medical Professionals

Grefe Sidney serves as counsel to physicians, licensed counselors and therapists, and other medical and mental health professionals. We are experienced in navigating the legal challenges confronting health care providers (surgeons, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians) and executive/administrative leadership at all levels (Chief Medical Officers, Department Chairs, and Human Relations Professionals). We regularly advise medical and mental health professionals on licensing, employment and malpractice matters that directly impact the practice and action plans of these professionals.

Iowa Supreme Court Affirms Lower Court’s Ruling on Experts in Medical Malpractice Action

This medical malpractice action arises from a stroke the plaintiff experienced following a surgery performed by Dr. Otoadese. After the plaintiff suffered the stroke, he was seen by Dr. Bekavac for a second opinion regarding his condition and whether he would have recommended the initial surgery. Dr. Bekavac also asked Dr. Halloran for his opinion […]

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