Monthly Archives: September 2016

Kuehner Wins Defense Verdict

September 16, 2016

During the week of September 13, Michael Kuehner successfully defended an Woodbury County automobile driver in a lawsuit stemming from a rear-end car accident.  At trial, Plaintiff alleged that the accident caused him serious low back pain and leg numbness.  He presented testimony from a treating physician stating his injuries were permanent, and they would […]

Thole Successfully Defends Insurer in Declaratory Judgment Action

September 12, 2016

Plaintiff NE Iowa Silo purchased a workers’ compensation insurance policy through an independent insurance agent. Plaintiff has job sites and employees based in Iowa and Wisconsin. The insurance agent told plaintiff the workers’ compensation policy provided coverage for employee injuries arising under Iowa and Wisconsin workers’ compensation law. While working in Wisconsin, one of plaintiff’s […]

Court Rules Company’s Pricing and Financing Terms are Trade Secret and Protected From Disclosure

Sysco Iowa, Inc., a food distribution company, appealed a district court’s determination its contract with the University of Iowa does not contain trade secrets, and therefore, is subject to disclosure under Iowa’s Open Records Act. Sysco and the University of Iowa entered into a contract in 2008, providing Sysco would supply the University with food […]

Biomechanical Engineer is Qualified to Give Opinion on Causation of Shoulder Injury

Plaintiff James Walton appealed the district court’s ruling allowing expert testimony at trial. Walton sued defendant Sean Prunchack for damages arising out of a rear-end car accident. Walton alleged Prunchack was negligent in the operation of his motor vehicle, causing personal injuries to Walton. After the accident, Walton sought medical treatment for wrist and neck […]