Monthly Archives: October 2016

Planning to Leave Donald Trump’s or Hillary Clinton’s America?

October 25, 2016

With this year’s election approaching soon, tensions are rising as both candidates continue to campaign throughout the United States. But what happens if your preferred candidate loses? Would you want to leave the United States? Many people, including celebrities Samuel L. Jackson and Cher, have claimed that they will move outside the United States if […]


The Iowa Court of Appeals issued its opinion on July 27, 2016 in the Baur Farms litigation. The case concerns oppression of minority shareholders. The plaintiff and other relatives succeeded to ownership of a family farm corporation (BFI). The plaintiff was a minority shareholder and served as a director, but not as an officer of […]

On the Fence: Iowa Fence Requirements

“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.” – Robert Frost Property boundary disputes are unfortunately a common occurrence for landowners in Iowa, and many choose to build fences to separate the properties and alleviate these boundary issues. Having a fence in place provides a number of benefits, including: […]

Iowa’s Highest Court: Not So Fast as to Plaintiff’s Claimed Attorney Fees

October 11, 2016

In Iowa, a plaintiff is generally entitled to recovery of attorney fees where such a recovery is contemplated by a contract or a statute.  Of course, the plaintiff has to succeed in his or her lawsuit to recover as well.  But, to what extent must a plaintiff succeed prior to recovery of attorney fees?  For […]