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Attorney Spotlight: Rachel Morgan

August 2, 2022

Rachel is in an associate attorney at Grefe & Sidney. She attended Drake University Law School where she graduated with high honors. While at Drake, Rachel worked as a research assistant and was a student attorney in the Criminal Defense Program and the Wrongful Convictions Clinic of the Drake Legal Clinic. Rachel was raised in […]

Iowa Supreme Court Expands Protections for Confined Animal Feeding Operations

Plaintiff Gordon Garrison owned and lived on 300 acres of farmland in northern Iowa. In 2015, Defendants New Fashion Pork and BWT Holdings began operating a confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) approximately a half mile away from Plaintiff’s property. Plaintiff alleged that his property began experiencing consistent bad odors and manure drainage, both produced by […]

Tansha Akogyeram Secures Dismissal in Underinsured Motorist Case

Tansha Akogyeram secured the dismissal of an underinsured motorist (UIM) action against Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois (“Safeco”) in June. The UIM action resulted from a 2019 hit-and-run accident in Des Moines while the Plaintiff was a passenger in a rideshare vehicle. Plaintiff filed suit against the rideshare company’s insurer and Safeco for UIM benefits. […]