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Iowa Supreme Court Finds Easement Not Dedicated to City

July 5, 2022

William McNaughton entered into an easement agreement with Jeanine and Stanley Chartier allowing a small part of a road to pass through his property. The road was used to access the Chartiers’ business on their property located adjacent to McNaughton’s. The agreement provided that it was a “’private’ easement granted for the use and benefit […]

Iowa Supreme Court Decision Allows Subcontractors More Time To Post Commencement of Work Notice

Iowa Code Chapter 572 governs mechanics’ liens. In accordance with Section 572.13A, a general contractor or owner-builder is required to post a commencement of work notice to the Mechanic’s Notice and Lien Registry (MLNR) website within ten days of starting work on a residential construction project. If the general contractor or owner-builder fails to post […]

Andy Hall and Ben Erickson Obtain Favorable Ruling from Iowa Supreme Court

On June 10, 2022, the Iowa Supreme Court determined that Andy Hall and Ben Erickson’s client, Liberty Mutual, was not required to reimburse Plaintiff, another insurer, for workers’ compensation benefits totaling over $250,000. The case arose after Plaintiff paid workers’ compensation benefits and later determined it was not the employer’s insurer on the date of […]