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Iowa Court of Appeals Affirms Denial of Penalty Benefits Against Employer in Workers’ Compensation Action

January 17, 2022

After injuring his right hand at work, claimant filed a workers’ compensation action against his employer, seeking healing period benefits after he was placed at maximum medical improvement (MMI) by an authorized doctor. He also sought penalty benefits for the employer’s failure to pay benefits after he reached MMI through the arbitration hearing. Following an […]

Iowa Supreme Court Holds Tolling Provisions of Covid-Related Supervisory Orders Do Not Apply to the 30-Day Deadline to File a Petition for Judicial Review

Pursuant to Iowa Code section 17A.19(3), after an Application for Rehearing has been denied or deemed denied, a party has 30 days to file a Petition for Judicial Review. See Iowa Code section 17A.19(3). An Application for Rehearing is deemed denied if the workers’ compensation commission does not act upon it within 20 days. See […]

Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission Extends Suspension of Certain In-Person Proceedings

The Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission has issued an updated Order extending the suspension of all in-person regular contested hearings before the agency from January 31, 2022, through April 29, 2022. Regular contested hearings that were scheduled to occur during that period will be conducted via internet-based video unless the parties timely file a motion to continue. […]