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Iowa Supreme Court Overturns Denial of Workers’ Compensation Benefits to Surviving Spouse

May 3, 2023

Iowa Code section 85.31(1)(a) states in relevant part, “When death results from the [workplace] injury, the employer shall pay the dependents who were wholly dependent on the earnings of the employee for support at the time of the injury.” Iowa Code section 85.42(1)(a) establishes that a surviving spouse will be considered to be wholly dependent […]

Iowa Supreme Court Analyzes Defamation Claims against Employer

Phyllis Konchar worked as a principal at St. Joseph’s Catholic School for nineteen years. The School was overseen by Father Pins, who was appointed by the Bishop for the Diocese. Despite efforts between both Konchar and Father Pins to resolve their differences in a professional manner, Konchar’s employment was terminated for cause on March 9, […]

Iowa Supreme Court Clarifies Scope of Review-Reopening Proceedings

Under Iowa’s workers’ compensation law, injured workers can ask for an updated review of their injuries to determine whether their condition has worsened and thus entitles them to additional payments. In the present case, an injured worker filed a review-reopening proceeding which was dismissed by the workers’ compensation commissioner after a finding that the worker […]