Posted on: October 16th, 2017

The best funeral and resting place is often the one that you plan before you die.  Preplanning your funeral is a way to ensure your wishes are met and spares your family the stress of making these decisions under the pressure of time and strong emotions.  A few questions to consider:

1) Do you want your body buried, cremated, or donated to science?
2) Do you have a final resting place in mind? Have you purchased a cemetery plot or do you have a location you wish your ashes to be spread?
3) What type of service do you wish to have?
4) Would you like a visitation or viewing?

Once you’ve thought about these things, you can begin searching for funeral services.  To begin, check a recent price survey by visiting to find estimated prices by searching for funeral homes by zip code and by service type. Prepayment is also an option to consider as it allows you the opportunity to determine exactly how much to spend for funeral services and transfers any risk of inflation of funeral costs to the funeral home.

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