Mitchell and Corpstein Secure Defense Verdict on Plaintiffs’ Claim Seeking $925,561.36

Posted on: June 17th, 2021

Following a four day jury trial in Woodbury County, Clark Mitchell and Sean Corpstein obtained a defense verdict on behalf of their client, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company. Plaintiffs’ breach of contract claim followed a fire at Plaintiffs’ farm/ranch in 2013 and State Farm voiding the insurance Policy as a result of Plaintiffs’ conduct.  The jury found in favor of State Farm by denying Plaintiffs from recovering alleged damages in excess of $900,000 on their breach of contract claim.

State Farm had issued payment to Plaintiffs of approximately $560,000 for the building loss and the building contents. After receipt of this payment, Plaintiffs submitted new inventories seeking over $900,000 in payment for additional building contents. Following a lengthy investigation by State Farm, Plaintiffs failed to substantiate their claim. State Farm denied the claim and voided the Policy, citing the Policy’s Concealment and Fraud provision.  The jury determined Plaintiffs misrepresented certain property claimed to be damaged in the fire and failed to comply with the terms of the insurance Policy.

Wiggs v. State Farm, Woodbury County Case No. LACV178245

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