Aaron Lindebak Obtains Majority Fault Verdict Against Third Party Defendant

Posted on: September 1st, 2022

Aaron Lindebak successfully defended Nancy McKillip in a motor vehicle accident case at trial. Plaintiff Mark Simmons and Defendant McKillip were involved in a car accident in Dubuque in 2018. Simmons alleged that McKillip was negligent for failing to stop or yield at a stop sign. After investigation, Aaron brought in to the lawsuit Defendant Dale Leibfried, the driver of Plaintiff’s vehicle, as a Third-Party Defendant. Aaron argued on behalf of McKillip that the jury should find Leibfried at fault for the accident because he was speeding. The jury found Defendant Leibfried 75% at fault for the accident and Defendant McKillip 25% at fault for the accident.


Simmon v. McKillip et al., Dubuque County Case No. LACV107847

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