Stella Maris Strohman Wins Defense Verdict

Posted on: November 2nd, 2022

Stella Maris Strohman recently obtained a defense verdict on behalf of her client Hamlet Apartments. The case arose out of the towing of the plaintiff’s vehicle from Hamlet Apartments’ private lot. The plaintiff argued the towing was in violation of Iowa Code section 321.89. Further, the plaintiff argued that the towing was in violation of the lease agreement between Hamlet Apartments and the plaintiff. Hamlet Apartments argued that the plaintiff’s vehicle was parked in violation of the lease agreement and the tow was lawful under the lease agreement. The Polk County Magistrate found in favor of Hamlet Apartments. The plaintiff appealed and the parties argued before the Polk County District Court. The Polk County District Court affirmed in favor of Hamlet Apartments and dismissed the plaintiff’s action.


Maxey-Kinney v. Hamlet Apartments, et al., Polk County Case No. SCSC685758


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