Erickson Obtains Defense Verdict in Underinsured Motorist Jury Trial

Posted on: April 3rd, 2023

On March 14, 2023, Ben Erickson obtained a complete defense verdict in a jury trial involving an underinsured motorist claim.

The case arose out of allegations that Plaintiff was injured when her vehicle was struck by the underlying defendant. Specifically, Plaintiff alleged the accident caused neck, back, and wrist injuries, including the need for surgical intervention. After settling her claims with the underlying defendant, the case proceeded to trial against Erickson’s client.

At trial, Plaintiff asked the jury for over $300,000.00 in damages. Erickson argued that the accident did not cause any new injuries, and that plaintiff had pre-existing degenerative arthritis and herniated discs. The jury agreed and returned a unanimous 8-0 defense verdict, finding no causation.

Debra Perry-Johnson v. SafeCo Insurance Company of America, Polk County Case No. LACL145276

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