Grefe & Sidney Mounts Successful Defense in Car Accident Lawsuit

Posted on: October 3rd, 2023

Andy Hall and Peter Ickes won a very favorable verdict from a Polk County jury in a lawsuit arising from a car accident. In the accident, our client rear-ended the plaintiff. The plaintiff alleged serious injuries to her neck, claiming she was in constant pain and that the accident had essentially ruined her life. However, she had treated inconsistently since the accident, suffered from a pre-existing condition in her neck, and, despite her testimony, carried on with her daily activities.

Andy and Peter took the case to trial, where the plaintiff asked the jury to award $383,000 in damages against our client, mainly due to claims of pain and suffering and loss of function. In response, we cross-examined the plaintiff’s medical experts, two of whom testified live, and pointed out the flaws in the plaintiff’s case. We then asked the jury to award an amount that fully compensated the plaintiff for her injuries, but no more. The jury agreed, and returned a verdict of $32,356.12, which included over $17,000 in past medical expenses. This verdict is much lower than typically expected from juries in Polk County.

Lawanda Lemaster v. Blas Turrado Oliva, Polk Co. Case No. LACL151271

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