Mark Thomas & Stella Maris Strohman Obtain Complete Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Homeowners Association

Posted on: October 3rd, 2023

Grefe & Sidney Attorneys Mark Thomas and Stella Maris Strohman recently argued and won a motion for summary judgment, resulting in complete dismissal of the case against their client. In this case, the plaintiff was a member of the defendant homeowner association, and alleged that the association permitted modifications to a berm that directed water flow away from her property. Due to the changes to the berm, she claimed an increase in surface water flow to her property, resulting in significant damage.

After investigating the case, including rigorous factual and legal analysis of the plaintiff’s 13-count petition, Mark and Stella Maris filed a motion for summary judgment, arguing that all of the plaintiff’s claims were barred on several grounds, including expiration of the statute of limitations, lack of evidence of damage, and other legal defenses. The Court agreed, and ordered the case entirely dismissed. Notably, the Court accepted and agreed with every one of the arguments made by Mark and Stella Maris.

Andersen v. Stone Brooke Homeowners Assoc., Inc., et al., Story Co. Case No. LACV052515

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