Ben Erickson Wins Defense Verdict in Arbitration Proceeding

Posted on: December 5th, 2023

On November 8, 2023, Ben Erickson secured a defense verdict in an arbitration hearing in front of the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission. The case arose out of a debilitating condition suffered by one of Erickson’s client’s former employees. Specifically, the claimant alleged to have sustained a significant cumulative injury to his neck and back during the course of his employment. At the arbitration hearing, Erickson argued that his employment did not cause or aggravate any of his alleged conditions. Rather, Erickson argued the condition was preexisting, and potentially aggravated by subsequence jobs after leaving his employment with Erickson’s client. The Commission agreed and returned a complete defense verdict in favor of Erickson’s client.

Gonzalez v. Masterson Personnel, Inc., File No. 22700587.01

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