Aaron Lindebak Wins Summary Judgment in RV Breach of Warranty Case

Posted on: January 5th, 2024

Aaron Lindebak recently won a summary judgment motion in a breach of warranty case, resulting in complete dismissal of the lawsuit against his client. In the case, Aaron’s client supplied the chassis to an RV manufacturer, which then built the “house” on top of it. Aaron’s client provided a warranty on the chassis, while the RV manufacturer provided a warranty on the rest of the vehicle. After purchasing an RV, the plaintiffs noticed several problems related to both the chassis and rest of the RV. Aaron’s client promptly serviced the issues related to the chassis. However, due to communication issues not related to the client, a flaw in the air conditioner, unrelated to the chassis, was left unfixed. The plaintiff subsequently sued both Aaron’s client and the RV manufacturer for breach of warranty. Aaron moved for summary judgment, as the malfunctioning air conditioner was not related to the chassis or covered by its warranty. The district court agreed, and found that the client had fixed all the problems it was responsible for. As such, it dismissed Aaron’s client from the lawsuit, and they were able to avoid costly litigation at trial.


Gomez et al. v. Ford Motor Company, et al., Winnebago Co. Case No. LACV018276

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